Qualy diaries: Unusual entertainment

After more than five delays of 30 mins and more the fans were given a dose of entertainment and a treat like never before by the teams and drivers. So here’s a team wise report of the qualifying in entertainment mode:

F.R.I.E.N.D.S series actor Matt LeBlance put it in his way by saying “A large part of the F1 community’s British. I guess they dragged the weather with them.”

Ferrari: The look on their faces was as grim as ever in the red team. Their display of bloopers included one of their team personnel wearing weird eye gear. Sebastian came out to wave to the fans waiting out in the rain.

Mercedes: Nico vs. Toto vs. Niki Lauda

Reigning champions had a display of football in the paddock. Nico Rosberg came out and started juggling a football, then passed it to Niki Lauda and later played with Toto Wolff.


Red Bull Racing :

Daniel Ricciardo and Daniel Kyvatt performed a little jive and dance for the audience. Kyvatt also displayed his juggling skills.

Williams F1 team:

The Williams F1 team had all its team personnel lined up in a row trying to enact rowing a boat.


The Hinwil based team elevated the entertainment to a different level by putting two of their personnel in a small boat with two more personnel dragging it up and down the pitlane.


Force India:

Force India initially had a display by one of their team personnel displaying their dancing skills. They later accepted Sauber’s challenge to row a boat and had four of their team personnel sit in a bigger boat with two pushing it around the pitlane.

Toro Rosso:

At the Toro Rosso garage red bull cans were lined up as bowling pins and the drivers tried their hand at bowling. Later on Max Verstappen was seen trying to attempt fishing with a road in the puddles of the pitlane. Adding to it they had a generation game with both Carlos and Verstappen’s fathers getting into race gear, and sitting in the Toro Rosso cars. Sainz Jr. also tried to blow dry someone’s hair with a blower. The Red Bull sister team garage seemed to be at full throttle on entertainment for the day.


Marussia: Manor Marussia brought a Rugby ball and started tossing it in the team garage. They were also joined by their neighbours Toro Rosso and Sauber.

So far the winners of the day were Red Bull and Sauber who upped the anti in terms of paddock entertainment. In the history of Formula 1, this has by far been one of the most entertaining F1 qualy sessions.

Formula 1 treated its fans who were waiting in the rains all day by sending out a message to all of them from Bernie, Bobby and Mayor Adler saying they could all enter the pitlane and other pit areas. For now race control has announced that the qualifying will be postponed till 9:00 am Sunday morning.




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