The journalists have been given some bling Mexican masks (by now twitter and instagram has a flood of those pictures by each colleague of mine wearing that mask), the two bulls (Daniel and Max) of Red Bull have entered the paddock with painted faces to spook the paddock off (they spook us enough without the masks).. looks like everyone is in a mood to celebrate Dia de Muertos – ‘Day of the Dead’ in the F1 paddock. Its Mexicos version of a halloween, only difference they celebrate their dead. Well I’m stuck here for Diwali, let me see how i can give a Mexican twist to that!!!


Returning to one of the most lively races of the year, arriving here is a delight, specially the when it comes to the welcome Formula 1 gets in this city. When stateside, at times one needs to explain every detail to American fans, however when in Mexico, the fan is well aware of Formula 1.

Flying from Austin to Mexico, was journey with a few bumps. A three hour journey in total, but unfortunately interrupted by flight maintenance issues. My flight was scheduled to arrive in Mexico at 6:55, but we didn’t get here until 10:35. As crap as it sounds, we stopped for maintenance issues, then got transferred onto another plane and thereon and there forth to Ciudad de Mexico.

Arriving in to the paddock feels like people have either not slept for days and most of them are like a flu. From team hospitality to the personnel to the media, everybody either has a cold or are coughing away. Luckily I had my tryst with pollens in Austin, apparently its the worst city with people with allergies. However, Mexico city being at a high altitude can lead to breathing issues for some.

Anyways getting back to where we left in Austin, Lewis’ won at his favorite race turf and coming to Mexico, he’s all smiles and luckily no more ‘mumbling’ by him. Kimi had unfortunate luck with his team botching up his pitstop and despite outperforming his team-mate, never tell him ‘But you’ve had a good season.’ The Finn won’t be happy till he wins or is on  podium anyway.

Now that Jenson question- is he really coming back. From what he can understand from his words this afternoon, it is evident Ron ask him stick on with a possibility of an opening by 2018. And he suggests we not think that he would be hanging the helmet anytime soon, as next year he means ‘sabbatical’ only. Well the real question is that this deal was made with Ron Dennis, whereas there are rumours that Ron himself might leave at the end of the year. JB however has rubbished those rumours when asked about it. He said ‘Ron convinced me not to retire’, so the James Bond of F1 did have plans, last year his ex-wife Jessica Michibata helped him stay a year more, this year his boss. Hope he stays longer, he’s actually one of the better blokes on the grid.

Our last session of the day has been with Lewis who had a flood of dictaphones in his face :


Well all he said was ‘ somethings are out of my powers or control’, and that he looks forward to the weekend with positivity as usual. Apart from that he actually knows what journos are upto, like i mentioned in the last blog some of the fleet street (british newspaper press) guys might be retiring or leaving, he actually asked one of the nosiest ones whether he was retiring? Your well updated champ!! Well looking on ahead its going to be a tight fight we all are looking forward too,  this weekend is really going to be interesting.

Coming to Force India, well they are busy all weekend long with promotions and PR for their Mexican partners, its almost that part of the year when you feel they are Force Mexico. So I’ll be visiting them tomorrow when they are more free. Hopefully I’ll know what their drivers are upto this weekend.


So thats all for now and i need to head to this mad media party thrown by the track for us where all my colleagues are taking the mask bit – a bit too seriously!! ‘Hasta Luego’ – I have to go now….


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