F1 Fashion week commences…

While Williams F1 team gave a sneak peak into their 2017 F1 challenger FW40, Sauber launched their 2017 F1 car named C-36. Williams will officially launch the FW40 at Grove on February 25th, 2017.

The Williams FW40 sneak peak:

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Williams new car named FW40 marks the 40th anniversary of the Grove based outfit in Formula 1. The car dimensions are clearly different in terms of width, length and the tyres as per the 2017 regulations. While their livery is very similar to last years car there are a few changes one can notice from the initial images. Firstly the front wing is more improvised with an additional upper flap to enhance airflow according to the new dimensions of the car, while the nose is elongated but very similar to its predecessor. The large and wide wheels have thicker suspension arms and the side pods have been enhanced a bit. The rear wing is delta shaped and uniquely from its predecessor, its got a slightly exaggerated tilt and is similar to a wing seen before on the Ferraris. In these particular photos there’s a long skirt on the chassis,  however finer details will be more visible  at the official car launch and in the pre-season testing. The current photos do not reveal much to the rivals and several details are hidden.

Here’s a comparison photograph I found floating on the internet:



Sauber C-36:

The Hinwil based outfit unveiled its new 2017 F1 challenger, the C36 on Monday February 20, 2017. A striking feature of this car was its revamped livery which featured blue and gold accents embossed with a 25th anniversary logo. Sauber marked its 25th year in Formula 1 with a gold front wing and rear-view mirrors. The white colour is only on the sides of the car while most of it is covered in blue.

The C36 features a re-shaped rear-wing and thumb-tipped nose, both similar to the Williams FW40. The thumb-tipped nose is an elongated version of its predecessor but similar in terms of design. The 2017 design regulations which specify prominent barge-boards are noticed on this car, however the increased width of the car is not strikingly visible. The side-pods are sculpted and a bit exaggerated in terms of design compared to the Williams. However a key feature that stands out is the central fin on the engine cover. The suspension is a pull-rod at the front and assumably a push-rod at the rear. Suspensions are going to be a debatable topic this season with top teams trying different tricks and unique modifications in that area. Despite the new car, the C36 will be powered by last year’s  2016-spec Ferrari engine.

There aren’t too many sponsors on the cars livery, but the team seem in a much better place with the timely launch of their in comparison to last year. It is a result of their new funders Longbow Finance who came aboard last July. Contrast to the team, using the old car at the tests last year, this year they seem to have had a budget to come up with something decent.

Their drivers this year will be Marcus Ericsson who has been retained and will be paired alongside Mercedes protege Pascal Wehrlein. The German driver sustained neck and back injuries from a crash at the Race of Champions event off-season and will not be seen at the first pre-season test. However Ferrari’s newly signed third driver and GP2 vice-champion Antonio Giovanazzi will be seen testing the car in Barcelona next week.

Here’s a gallery of the first images of the car :

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Coming up next : Renault F1 Car launch


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