Who Am I?

A Formula 1 journalist, travelling the world with the racing circus and currently the only Indian female working in Formula 1. Started my career in writing in motorsport journalism in 2010 and for the past few years it has been full time with Formula 1. Growing up around motorsports myself, I developed a knack for covering the world’s most technically complicated sport, and now I am privileged to be a part of the F1 pressroom.

What this blog is about?

Travelling race to race for most of the F1 calendar, there are many stories and anecdotes, both from in and outside the paddock. This blog is usually my place to scribble and give insights into the behind the scenes stories in F1, and view my opinions. Race reports, sessions reports, inteviews etc can be usually found on BBC Top Gear India (Magazine and Website) or the Khaleej Times (UAE newspaper and website). Currently,  the most popular feature on this blog has been Grand Prix Diaries which is a run down of the behind the scenes stories on this blog. there will be additions in the future, you are free to suggest more features by filling the contact form below.

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